Why Business Should Have A Mobile App!


mobileapps4Because more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet, mobile apps are a good way for your business to make life easier for your customers and increase brand awareness. Mobile Apps enable businesses to take advantage of almost unlimited resources of information and services by satisfying one highly specific need at a time.

Why a Mobile App?

You want one. Come on, you know it. Everyone talks about how their company’s app is reeling in customers, providing revenue and making business easier. So what are you waiting for, exactly?

Why the heck should your company consider a mobile app?

While some in the marketing field thought mobile apps would be dead within a year, they only seem to be thriving. There is an app for that, that and that. In fact, businesses that thought they could never create or make use of a mobile app in their industry are now finding success in the development of their customized apps.

Mobile apps can not only save a business, they can also inspire and invigorate a business in ways that were impossible before. It is now easier to find out who is accessing your content and improve how you relate to your customers and consumers overall.

What do you know about apps?

Apps aren’t just a platform for playing Angry Birds and Draw Something (who is still playing either, I wonder?) or for checking out your local sports scores and the upcoming weekend weather updates. Apps are utilized by a variety of businesses to help build the brand and to provide the information behind the products or services available.

A well-developed mobile app will provide its users with an improved experience on the go and will lead to brand recognition and better conversion rates. Industries that vary from industrial solutions (with live shipping info) to health care (appointment scheduling) and entertainment events (ticket apps make for less paper waste, after all) can benefit from the use of a mobile app.

Why use a QR code?

There are many benefits to utilizing a QR code. The scanning of a QR code can turn into revenue, as all scans turn into leads. QR codes can be used to obtain information, provide deals/coupons and can appear on anything from the side of a building (a great resource for apartment rentals/home sales), inside magazines as featured print ads, on the sides of buses and as an inventive way to store business card information. Having an app store presence is another smart way to keep your brand out in the forefront: visible and easily accessed.

Before you launch an app, consider your audience, your need for an app (what should it provide, how should it work?) and your budget. Some effective tools for customizing a unique mobile app include Mobile Roadie, AppMakr, MyAppBuilder and MobiCart.

There are specific considerations to keep in mind when developing a mobile app.

All phones operate differently, so testing across various manufacturers/models of phones and networks is vital. Creating an interactive mobile app that is easy to use is also key. It would be senseless to spend time and money on an app just to push it live and have it be frustrating or full of bugs. Scope out what your competition is doing and test a variety of functionalities to make your app the best available in your type of business.

Stay on trend and improve customer satisfaction with a mobile app that answers basic questions and makes purchasing a product or obtaining info fun and easy; utilize it as a major marketing tool for your company and watch your business enter the new age of media and marketing technology. After all, nobody wants to be left behind, and even school-aged children (yikes) are sporting smartphones these days. It’s time you caught up!

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Most business owners are very well aware that the mobile trend is in full swing. Mobile devices enable you to take payments, take part in video conferences, manage accounts and engage customers more effectively compared to old fashioned media ever could.