Five Reasons To Use QR Code Marketing!

QRCodeManBoxQR Codes are like the typical bar codes that show up on all kinds of consumer items, but QR codes can  contain a lot more information compared to standard barcodes. QR codes enable ads, brochures, posters, even t-shirts and billboards to direct consumers towards mobile landing pages that contain additional info as well as interactivity – much more than can be provided on the printed page.

The Benefits Of QR Code Marketing

Many in business wish to know the answer to this question ‘How are QR Codes used in marketing?’ The answer is that they have many qualities and as such, many uses! Consumers will have noticed QR Codes on billboards, in store, in magazines, on clothing, through the use of direct marketing campaigns and also on coupons. They are also of great benefit to event organizers as they can be used on point-of-sale receipts and event tickets.

Five Reasons To Use QR Code In Marketing

1 – QR codes close the gab between online and offline media

2 – QR Codes allow for both a building and sharing community

3. QR Codes can be used for calls to action

4. SMO and SEO benefit for QR Codes

5. They look good and can be created to your exact business specifications

Those that wish to advertise a certain product or service will be happy to know that QR code marketing is a quick and efficient way to sell a number of items. This may be a new product or an existing service – the best thing about such a marketing method is the fact that it allows you to promote your business without investing a massive amount of advertising space. Instead of portraying a mass of information, which can sometimes appear a little tedious to the reader, showcase an impressive and eye-catching image instead. This will allow you to draw the reader in without using a multitude of text. He or she can instead learn of all the product’s details in their own time by simply scanning the QR Code!

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QR Code

Quick Response codes are created for the smartphone world. They are intended to be scanned using smartphones with onboard digital cameras. The only additional thing your consumer requires is a QR reader which will instantly decodes the QR code in order to unlock it’s secret message. The one we recommend is i-nigma, you find it free to download from the app stores

QR Code Marketing System for Christmas


Mobile QR Code Marketing

QR codes can be termed as “infant” in the wonderful world of business marketing and advertising but they have numerous advantages that can be very useful to any business or organization. Not using QR code marketing in this technology-driven world could cause your organization to fall short of its full potential.

The 12 Days of Christmas – A QR Code Marketing Plan

Welcome to the holiday season!

If you own or work at a retail outlet, this is a very important time of the year for you.

You want to make sure customers know you’re open for business, and you’ll need to grab their attention during the busy holiday season. But, there’s a lot of competition out there and it’s hard to break through all the noise.

What can you do to get customers to pay attention to you this holiday season and visit your store to buy presents? Well, we have a useful idea that uses QR codes.

Using an app on a smart phone, a QR code is scanned by the camera and can take you to a mobile site with a coupon for your store. Using QR codes, we’re going to show you how to run a very specific type of marketing campaign called, “The 12 Days of Christmas – A QR Code Marketing Plan”.

Using pbSmart Codes, our online tool for creating QR code marketing campaigns, we’ll show you how to build QR codes that drive customers to your mobile site and offer coupon during the 12 days leading up to Christmas. We’ll also teach you how to market the QR codes and change the coupon every day

The goal of this campaign is to get people excited about your business and about your deals. It will drive traffic to your store and keep you top of mind during this very busy holiday season.

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QR Code Marketing is important for business

With imagination and creativity, QR codes can open up brand new doorways to success for just about any business or organization. The primary aim of just about any business is being a market leader and beating competitors in attracting consumers. Without the right promotional initiatives such as QR codes, you can easily lose your mobile mad customers and business to your direct competition.

QR Code Marketing

Make your QR code stand out from the crowd.