Mobile Apps Used Extensively in Presidential Election



Mobile Apps Provided Best Source Of Information

Mobile apps were used extensively in the 2012 Presidential Election race and hailed as being able to provide the best source for up-to-date information. Both Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney made full use of  mobile apps for poll watching and the Get Out and Vote initiative across the USA.

Certainly in the 2012 Presidential Race technology played a bigger part than ever before. All other technologies aside, mobile apps seem to have had the biggest impact. There were several in-depth election mobile apps that helped voters stay informed on-the-go, and even track poll results as they came in.

The following were the most popular Mobile Apps used in the 2012 US Presidential Election.

PollTracker: This mobile app enabled voters to get poll averages and forecasts as they came in.

Electioncaster: Electioncaster allowed users to read and browse election coverage live from a variety of sources.

New York Times Election 2012: Like electioncaster, this mobile app delivered political news, analysis and data from The Times and other sources direct to users’ smartphones as it happened .

Stitcher Election Center: This was a great audio app for listening to radio election coverage pulled together different election related podcasts and radio stations. 

The Mobile Apps used during the 2012 presidential election helped campaigns to better target and engage their audience and you can be sure they will be integral tools in all election campaigns in the future.