Mobile Massage Businesses Can Grow Revenue With A Mobile App!

mobile_massage-300x158As a Massage Therapist, your clients are busy and on the go and meeting their needs of course should be your main concern. Since people are using their Mobile devices to connect these days, it makes sense to use a mobile app to engage with your clients and make it easier for them to reach your business whenever they need your service.

3 Reasons Your Mobile Massage Business Needs An App to Grow Revenue

According to The American Massage Therapy Association’s 2012 Research Report, the number of on-site mobile massages increased from 39 percent in 2010 to 50 percent in 2012.

This statistic illustrates the growing opportunities available for massage professionals looking to start a mobile massage business. These professionals typically do not operate out of an office or rented facilities. This requires them to adopt technologies that enable them to run their businesses profitably.

Mobile apps are one of these technologies.

Defined as applications developed for and downloadable to small handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets, mobile apps have become commonplace among small business owners.

According to the 2013 AT&T Small Business Technology Poll, almost one-third of small businesses surveyed use mobile apps. They cited time savings, increased productivity and cost-reduction as reasons why they use them.

Here are three reasons why apps help mobile massage therapists grow their business:

1. Accessibility.

Mobile apps provide instant access to their calendars, schedules, financial information and client data. This allows you to see your next appointment from your phone or tablet.

2. User-friendliness.

While accessing an online program via a Web site is possible through a smart phone, it’s not as quick as through a mobile app. Mobile apps provide instant access to information without having to navigate a Web page. QuickBooks is a popular app among massage therapists in managing their accounting.

3. Client communication.

Apps that store client information—such as scheduling and e-marketing apps like Constant Contact—let you quickly compose and send out an e-mail blast right from your smartphone or tablet. They’re especially beneficial when you need to communicate information to clients quickly—such as to publicize a one-day promotion—but are unable to access your laptop.

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Mobile Massage Business

Now is the time to build awareness for your Massage Therapy business. A mobile app gives any Massage Therapist the potential to develop a higher presence as well as strengthen their unique brand.