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mobile-marketing-tipsCreating a Mobile Marketing List provides lots of benefits in your business. It starts with offering you the opportunity to reach your customers whenever you want. This would help to pull in more traffic as well as improve your revenue.

Mobile Marketing Tips for 2013

Now that the cell phone has become so commonplace in everybody’s pocket it makes sense for this form of marketing to have surpassed radio, television, and billboard advertising for achieving a higher response rate than these traditional forms of advertising that were the norm in years past. This year
the famous trend and ratings company has showcased that they are following the most popular operating systems in mobile.

The Android OS has a 52% market share, Apple iOS has a 35% market share, 7% for blackberry, 2% for Microsoft  and the rest divided upon various other mobile software developers. This shows that 96% of cell phone users today are now using smartphones.

Since mobile marketing is so very important here are some tips for advertising in 2013:

  • Know your market and demographic
  • Do not send out SMS messages at late hours as you will have a large attrition rate
  • Make sure your messages have merit and a good advertisement
  • Keep it short and sweet messages are traditionally only 140 characters long
  • Have a landing page or call to action from your text

Remember you win by skating to where the puck is going not to where it’s been. Winning is everything so utilizing a mobile marketing company with cheap bulk texting rates is not only going to save you money from the big advertisers but also bring you in more business than you previously had.

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones is a great marketing tool and it’s ready to get even more huge. In 2013 mobile phones will become the most preferred way people access the web. Mobile Marketing involves reaching customers and prospects whenever they are online away from the traditional home/office desktop computer environment. The improved usage of smartphones, tablets and similar mobile devices makes mobile marketing essential for lots of online businesses.