Mobile Apps Keep Customers Connected!

peoplephoneIncreasing your brand awareness is a surefire way to ignite your customer base. Not only that, but mobile apps make life easy for mobile device users, which is why business owners should make efforts to tap into this lucrative mobile market.

The App Factor: Mobile Apps Are Key To Keeping Customers Connected

From buying your dog a collar to accessing a boarding pass, there are mobile apps for everything

With our lives increasingly being conducted on-the-go, smartphones and tablets have become ubiquitous. At the same time, longer working hours and busy lifestyles make it harder to meet potential new partners. Enter eHarmony’s mobile apps, which makes it even easier to find fellow singles.

eHarmony’s research shows that visits from mobile devices to the website have risen 68% year-on-year as of 30 November 2012, showing that those using mobile are serious about finding a new partner.

iPad and iPhone access

Although Apple’s dominance of the smartphone and tablet market has seen more of a challenge recently, it remains top of the tree, and the eHarmony iPad and iPhone apps are one of the most popular ways that members access its services.

But, while Apple continues to lead the way, Android, Windows and Google devices are also increasingly popular. In many cases these are significantly cheaper than the latest Apple products, and quality has been increasing in past years. Creating an mobile apps for Android and other non-Apple products is key in staying ahead of the game.

Although the iPad and iPhone are the most popular devices for visiting the site, there are also apps for Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Rescue me

Of course, while developing the latest technology is a great step forward, businesses also need to know their customers, and provide them with practical solutions – even help for when things go awry. By developing innovative, targeted mobile apps that are of real use to customers, businesses can reap the benefits.

Take a look at eHarmony’s handy Bad Date Rescue App for iPhone, designed for when things don’t go to plan. Everyone has experienced a date where it quickly becomes apparent you are not compatible, and by using this app from eHarmony members can schedule a fake emergency call to their iPhone, or prompt a ‘call’ to their phone in three seconds, one or five minutes.

It is this kind of forward-thinking approach that helps a business to distinguish itself as a market leader.

Social media

Even the least technical business owner knows that these days you ignore social media at your peril. eHarmony’s apps and social media presence complement each other. Members can access the eHarmony Facebook page on the go. Currently the page has more than 17,000 likes.

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Connecting your mobile apps with these social avenues makes it easy for your customers to share the information found on your apps. Once your information starts to go viral on social media sites, you can expect an influx of new customers and sales.