Mobile Apps For Small Businesses Yearly Revenue


mobile-apps1The world has taken up the latest era of technology, the internet is actually where people meet for socialization, business and general communication. Since many people are using mobile devices to get into the internet, mobile apps are a good way for your business in making life much easier for your customers as well as accelerate brand awareness.

Mobile Apps Save Small Businesses $17.6 Billion Yearly

Mobile apps are helping America’s entrepreneurs save time and money, increase revenue and productivity, work more effectively and better serve their customers, a new survey of small-business owners shows. With an app for almost every business need, small-business owners are rapidly turning to mobile technologies ― involving everything from GPS navigation to credit card processing ― to help run their enterprises.

The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council had research firm TechnoMetrica look at the stunning growth in mobile technologies and why owners of businesses with less than 20 employees are turning to mobile devices and apps to solve key business challenges.

The study found a strong migration to mobile devices, with nearly half of small businesses now using smartphones, compared with well under a fifth of the general population. Increasingly, small businesses are moving away from desktops and laptops toward smartphones and tablets.

More than three-quarters of small-business owners (78 percent) say mobile apps are saving them significant time each week, researchers found. Their estimates of the weekly savings came to an average of 5.6 hours.

They are also saving employee time. Half the small-business owners in the survey said at least 5 employee hours are being saved on a weekly basis.

The survey estimated that the use of mobile apps by small businesses results in 725.3 million hours saved annually, which translates into an estimated $17.6 billion annually, based on average pay for employees in small business.

If all employer firms with fewer than 20 workers were to take advantage of mobile apps, the survey authors said, the annual savings from reduced employee hours would be $56.9 billion.

The time saved has enabled small businesses to increase their focus on sales growth. Nearly 50 percent of the respondents to the SBE Council survey reported they’ve been able to spend more time on growing business revenues due to their use of mobile apps. And 51 percent believe that the use of mobile apps has made their firms more competitive.

The move to mobile is no flash in the pan, the survey found. The success that small businesses have experienced with mobile apps has heightened their interest in these tools. Half of the survey respondents said they plan to increase their app exposure within the next six months by getting more apps or continuing to use their currents apps.

So which mobile apps are small-business owners using? According to the survey, GPS navigation and mapping apps (68 percent) are the most popular, followed by apps for contact management (46 percent) and remote document access (41 percent).

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Mobile apps developers ensure that the applications are generally uncomplicated because smartphones, unlike computers, do not have enough processing power to handle complicated software.