Mobile Apps For Real Estate Agents

Mobile Apps For Real Estate Agent

Mobile Apps For Real Estate Agents

The use of mobile devices is certainly rising at outrageous rates as is the utilization of mobile related technology like mobile apps. There is absolutely no denying that Real Estate businesses can benefit significantly from using mobile apps as part of their marketing strategy.

How Essential Are Mobile Apps For Real Estate Agents

In this video Garry Gnapp is interviewed by Travis Bontrager of BOSS (Business Owners Success Strategies) a site dedicated to helping Real Estate and Construction companies make the most of the internet.

As you may know the world is now mobile and your customers and clients are using their mobile and smart phones to research and make buying decisions. By integrating a mobile app into your real estate business you will see how you are able to have your business in your customers pocket at all times and how Real Estate agents can benefit from the incredible advances in marketing technology provided by a mobile app .

The Questions Travis asks Garry:

  • The conjoining of mobile smartphones and the internet has happened very fast. Do you think Real Estate business owners are keeping up?
  • Is a mobile friendly website enough for A Real Estate Agent?
  • What advantages are there for a Real Estate Agent using a dedicated mobile app?
  • I am reading that QR codes have not really caught on, do you think this is true and if so why?
  • What do you see the in future for mobile marketing as it relates to the Real Estate industry?



Mobile Apps For Real Estate Agents

By providing a virtual tour feature in mobile apps for real estate agents, you will have a better chance of piquing the interest of the prospective buyer. All an interested buyer has to do is download and install your app on their mobile device and then obtain all of the information regarding the property which can even include a video tour of the property.