Another Life Saving Mobile App!

Auckland Civil Defense Launches New Life Saving Mobile App

In times of emergency, a Mobile App is the perfect communication tool enabling fast and effective communication throughout the affected area.

More & more emergency services are developing life saving mobile apps

Auckland Civil Defence in New Zealand have recognized the power of Mobile Communication and have just released a life saving Mobile App that people living in New Zealand would be foolish not to have installed on their mobile device.

Smartphones might just save your life.

Auckland Civil Defence today launched a free life saving mobile app that will alert people to impending natural disasters such as tsunamis and cyclones and keep them informed following major disruptions.

The app can be used on any smartphones, which are used by an estimated half a million Aucklanders.

By synchronising with the Auckland Civil Defence website, the app will also keep Aucklanders posted on incidents such as road closures, floods, slips and severe wind warnings.

“With so many Aucklanders using smartphone devices, it made sense that any new warning system needed to embrace new technology,” said Auckland councillor Michael Goudie, chairman of the Auckland Civil Defence Committee.

Auckland Civil Defence controller Clive Manley said the Christchurch earthquake and Japan tsunami had taught Auckland a lot.

“Radio and television will continue to play a vital role in disseminating public alerts, but now we have added the hugely significant channel of personalised and immediate alerts to all those Aucklanders with smartphones,” he said.

The Auckland Civil Defence app can be downloaded from a variety of sources. By searching for ‘Auckland Civil Defence’, iPhone users can download it from the Apple AppStore, while Android users can download it from the Google Play Android app store.

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Life Saving Mobile App!

We believe that this is the start of a major rush for emergency services including fire brigades, state emergency services and all manner of relief organizations developing life saving mobile apps that  take full advantage of the power of the numerous features that only a Mobile App can provide.