How you can incorporate QR codes into your business


qrreaderPerfect The Use Of QR Codes In Your Business

QR Codes are being ever more used by organizations, big and small that are looking for ways to make contact with their now mobile consumers.

Because the QR code can include such a wide selection of information, it makes for a very interesting marketing tool that can help excite the interest of prospective customers.

Using QR Codes In Real Estate Marketing

As one of the newest forms of lead generation and advertising, using QR codes in real estate marketing delivers a unique opportunity to increase business, develop viral marketing strategies to spread the word about your services, and put you ahead of the game from the competition when it comes to real estate marketing. As a versatile marketing vehicle catering to both the static and mobile markets, QR codes are compact enough to fit in virtually any marketing situation, yet innovative enough to stand out and get noticed.

What are QR Codes?

Quick Response codes, like bar codes, are made up of black on white impressions in a square shape that form a scannable imprint. When the user scans the QR code with a smart phone, the code takes the user to an assigned URL address, where they can find information about whatever the code is attached to. For instance, waiting for a bus, you could come across an advertisement on the booth that has a QR code. You can download a special QR scanner for most mobile phones. If you have a scanner, you could take a photo or “scan” the code with your phone, and the code would take you to the website corresponding to that product so you can find out more information, sign up for details or even just go to the company’s website.

Why are QR Codes Useful in Real Estate?

Using QR codes in real estate marketing meets the needs of those looking to expand their real estate marketing to the mobile market arena. They take up a small amount of space on printed signs and ads, while delivering lots of information quickly and thoroughly.

QR codes in real estate are generally used to give potential buyers a lot of information about a home instantly and easily. They can drive up to a home they love and, rather than taking a flyer and looking up the listing information at home or setting up an appointment later that day, they can scan the QR code that gives them all the information they need to do everything at that moment.

Another way of using QR codes in real estate marketing is to include one on your business cards, so that anyone you come in contact with can visit your site immediately from anywhere. They can view your listings as well as easily share them with others.

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If you are not making use of QR codes and your competitors are, they will be reaching customers in places you cannot reach; providing them with a considerable advantage over you.

Perfect The Use Of QR Codes In Your Business

Make your QR code stand out from the crowd.