Quick Response codes are the most effective new strategy in marketing and advertising in today’s market, not only for the brand names but also for the consumer.

QR codes have made it quick and easy to bridge the divide between web based information and the offline world by using smartphones and other mobile devices.

The world is going mobile very fast and consequently, QR codes can make your print advertising, posters, flyers as well as other published promotional material a lot more interactive and most importantly, much more easily ACTED UPON!

Right now, nearly all published QR codes are monochromatic: black pixels and boxes on a white background and all look pretty much the same. Boring and Mundane.  All these codes are automatically produced by QR code generators and can’t be altered much without affecting scanability.

At Last Affordable Custom QR Codes Eye-catching Designs that Work!

Activate Mobile Marketing Custom QR Codes offer you the beauty, flair and drama of brightly colored, artistically designed QR codes that are still completely readable by mobile smartphones.

We are QR code design professionals and understand what really makes a QR code perform, We can modify the standard black and white QR code to include your logo and match your corporate colors (as well as a host of other stand out features) and yet still comply with QR code requirements. Our team of QR code design specialists also know the positive aspects and concepts of an eye-catching design.

Each custom QR code is tested and supplied in 5 sizes

Please note: Once you have paid through Paypal you will automatically be taken to a page to fill in your specific URLS, Logos and Colors etc. Estimated delivery time is 3-5 working days

Thanks and we look forward to working with you.

1 Custom QR Code
$97One Time Investment
5 Custom QR Codes
$247One time investment
10 Custom QR Codes
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