Are You Ready For Supercharged Business Growth?

Could your business be a lot more profitable than it is right now?

Could your client base or community be better engaged?

Of course! However, the reality is that the marketing landscape is changing at lightening speed and there is no question that it is getting harder and harder to keep your target audience engaged and coming back to your business.

You may well feel overwhelmed by the various new technologies that are now becoming part of doing business and how you can use them to your best advantage.

If You Are Looking For A Cutting Edge, Cost Effective Solution To Boost Your Business Growth ,,,,

Then You’ve Come To The Right Place…

A fully customized Activate Mobile App designed and tailored to meet the marketing needs of your business is a powerful, cutting edge marketing machine, providing you with nothing less than a 365 Day-Per-Year Sales Force.

The tables are turned once your app is installed on your customer’s mobile device – you will never have to wait for them to come to you again – your business is literally right in their pocket and you will be catering to the biggest addiction in history……….

The Smartphone

And the beauty of this breakthrough marketing innovation is that it not only brings you more customers, it will save you money at the same time!

With an Activate Mobile Marketing App, your customer acquisition costs can be a mere fraction of what you’ll be paying if you are advertising using traditional mediums. Not only that, an Activate Mobile App can create and maintain community like never before.

Whatever your marketing goals, an Activate Mobile App will help you accomplish them more rapidly than you’ve ever dreamed.

The Mobile App marketing revolution is here to stay and it grows more and more powerful with each and every passing day. Like anything else in business, those who get in the earliest stand to make the most money.

Up until now only the largest companies and organizations could afford to have a customized app made for their business.

An Activate Mobile Marketing customized app is the first affordable solution to be offered to small business and not for profit organisations.

Our Custom Mobile Apps Are Packed with Benefits

Educate customers on a regular basis

Promote Customer engagement

Conduct powerful promotions

Create popular loyalty programs

Promote special events

Communicate FAST to customer base

One-Tap Call Button for Smartphones

Centralize all internet activity

Social Sharing Integration

Facebook Twitter You Tube

Create a community

and much, much more..

Get In Front Of The Biggest Wave In Internet History!

We’ve SMASHED The Price of Custom Mobile Apps and Made Them Affordable For Smaller Businesses & Organisations – Contact us for a quote today!

Our Custom Mobile Apps Are Packed with Features

One Touch Calling
GPS Directions
Business Information
Tell-A-Friend Feature
Points Of Interest Feature
Event Listings Feature
Unlimited Push Notifications
GPS Coupons
Build your Mailing List
RSS Blog Integration
Mobile Shopping Integration
and much, much more…

What You Get:

A Unique iPhone AND Android Marketing App solution customized for your business

An online HTML5 web based version of your Mobile App

App submitted by our staff to the iTunes and Android App Stores

Lifetime support and maintenance of your app

Regular updates and improvements to your app

Powerful CMS account for you to update your app instantly whenever you wish

Give your customers GPS directions directly to your business locations

Create a viral buzz with our built in sharing capabilities to Facebook, YouTube twitter and email

Build brand loyalty by giving your customers coupons for checking in at your business.

Coupons can be “unlocked” (redeemed) based on your own criteria.

Keep your customers informed about your business

Provide up to date information about your events and specials

Give customers multiple ways to get in touch with you

Direct calling, GPS directions and email

UNLIMITED Push Notifications (Including GEO Located messages)



+ Unlimited App Installs

You will also get detailed back office analytics of your content additions, special offers, news or events, discounts and much more, always accessible through your personal Activate Mobile Marketing client portal 24 X 7.

We’ve SMASHED The Price of Custom Mobile Apps and Made Them Affordable For Smaller Businesses & Organisations – Contact us for a quote today!

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