The Power of Mobile Marketing for Small Business


blondeonmobileWhy Mobile Marketing is Made for Small Business

More consumers relying on smartphones and expecting to be recognized for loyalty, referrals and purchases, now is the time for small-business owners to put their mobile phone marketing strategies in place.

Mobile Marketing: The Next Big Thing

While we have yet to uncover the full potential of mobile marketing, consider these facts:

  • According to Nielsen, 49.6 percent of the U.S. adult population now own smartphones, up from 36 percent a year ago.
  • In 2011, the number of loyalty memberships in the US reached 2.1 billion.
  • Moodmedia says that 93 percent of people who use apps in stores are significantly more likely to have made a purchase than people who don’t use apps in stores.

One of the most important takeaways from this data is that the growing reliance on smartphones creates an enormous opportunity for businesses to engage customers.

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Weather Channel App passes 90 Million downloads.

The Weather Channel passed a mobile milestone recently, announcing that downloads of the Weather Channel mobile app had now passed 90 million.

The hugely successful Weather Channel is now predicting that within 2 years the company will be ‘mobile led’ meaning they are expecting ad revenues from mobile to soon pass that of their digital web based media.

They also announced that they had over 600 million interactions through the Weather Channel app leading up to and during Isaac and of course one huge benefit unique to the app is that throughout a storm when power is out you need a communication tool that runs on a battery.

Mobile Apps Used Extensively in Presidential Election



Mobile Apps Provided Best Source Of Information

Mobile apps were used extensively in the 2012 Presidential Election race and hailed as being able to provide the best source for up-to-date information. Both Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney made full use of  mobile apps for poll watching and the Get Out and Vote initiative across the USA.

Certainly in the 2012 Presidential Race technology played a bigger part than ever before. All other technologies aside, mobile apps seem to have had the biggest impact. There were several in-depth election mobile apps that helped voters stay informed on-the-go, and even track poll results as they came in.

The following were the most popular Mobile Apps used in the 2012 US Presidential Election.

PollTracker: This mobile app enabled voters to get poll averages and forecasts as they came in.

Electioncaster: Electioncaster allowed users to read and browse election coverage live from a variety of sources.

New York Times Election 2012: Like electioncaster, this mobile app delivered political news, analysis and data from The Times and other sources direct to users’ smartphones as it happened .

Stitcher Election Center: This was a great audio app for listening to radio election coverage pulled together different election related podcasts and radio stations. 

The Mobile Apps used during the 2012 presidential election helped campaigns to better target and engage their audience and you can be sure they will be integral tools in all election campaigns in the future.

10 Best Christmas Apps for the Holiday Season


Yahoo’s 10 Best Christmas Apps

With Christmas approaching fast the holiday season is likely to involve Mobile apps more than ever before. There are already a ton of both iphone christmas apps and android christmas apps. Yahoo News just released a list of the top 10 best christmas apps and here it is.:

Are you on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Whether you have a set of favorite apps to help you get through the rest of the year, or are new to this whole “mobile apps” thing, here are our 10  best christmas apps to help you get through the upcoming holiday season.

Best Christmas Apps 1

Staying on top of things …

Surviving the holidays in one piece, if you’re going to be planning or attending a lot of events, means getting and staying organized, and Evernote (iOS / Android) is still the best way of doing that. You can use the web clipper on your laptop, to capture recipes to check out, or snap photo notes and make voice recordings on your smartphone while you’re out chasing sales. Plus, you can get to your notes from anywhere, even on your iPad from next to the fireplace. (If you’re on Android, don’t forget to grab the free Evernote Widget for your home screen.)

Best Christmas Apps 2

If you liked Evernote …

Evernote’s friends, Evernote Food (iOS / Android) and Evernote Hello (iOS / Android) are even more valuable during the holidays, since they help you capture the memories of special meals and desserts or people you met. You can take and organize photos of your grandkids as they grow up, or that amazing cheesecake at the party. Each one records where those photos were taken, and saves your memories to Evernote.

Best Christmas Apps 3

Getting there in one piece? …

You probably already know of a bunch of apps or websites to get directions and plan air travel. Millions of people in the United States are turning to rail travel, though, and if you’re one of them check out the official Amtrak app (iOS / Android). It lets you check train schedules and statuses, as well as book tickets and plan trips. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the TSA to board a train.

Best Christmas Apps 4

Better than keeping them in a shoebox …

Putting your photos on Twitter or Facebook? Why not keep them somewhere under your control instead? If you have a free account with Dropbox (iOS / Android), you can automatically upload every picture you take to it, and then sort through, favorite and edit them before publishing on social media sites. You can also use the OpenPhoto app (iOS only for now) to turn that Dropbox into your own personal Facebook-style photo gallery, without all the ads and the clutter. (It also works with

Best Christmas Apps 5

Spending all the way …

Holiday spending is one of the big ways that people rack up credit card debt. Don’t want it to happen to you? Check out the Personal Finance app (iOS / Android). Don’t let the name turn you off; it’s not a spreadsheet, but an unbelievably easy way to see exactly where your cash is going. The Android app includes a widget that lets you see right on your home screen how much you’re in debt, and how much is left in your bank account.

Best Christmas Apps 6

Planning what to make …?

Epicurious (iOS / Android) is still the biggest name in cookbook and grocery list apps, but BBC’s Good Food app (iOS / Android) certainly gives it a run for its money in terms of style. You have to pay for most of the recipes (as of the time this was published the Android cookbooks were free “for a limited time”), but with “festive,” “seasonal,” and “healthy” cookbooks, there’s something for everyone.

Best Christmas Apps 7

Keeping the kids occupied …

Your kids have probably played through the holiday-themed levels of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope already. A coloring book app like Color & Draw (iPhone / iPad / Android phone / Android tablet) might keep their attention a little better, at least for a few hours. If they’d rather doodle on (copies of) your holiday photos, Skitch (iOS / Android) might fit the bill; plus, like Food and Hello, it ties into Evernote.

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It’s interesting to see the wide variety making up the best christmas apps according to Yahoo. If Christmas is a time when your business experiences a surge in sales then it’s definately a great time to capitalize on your own mobile app.

Another Life Saving Mobile App!

Auckland Civil Defense Launches New Life Saving Mobile App

In times of emergency, a Mobile App is the perfect communication tool enabling fast and effective communication throughout the affected area.

More & more emergency services are developing life saving mobile apps

Auckland Civil Defence in New Zealand have recognized the power of Mobile Communication and have just released a life saving Mobile App that people living in New Zealand would be foolish not to have installed on their mobile device.

Smartphones might just save your life.

Auckland Civil Defence today launched a free life saving mobile app that will alert people to impending natural disasters such as tsunamis and cyclones and keep them informed following major disruptions.

The app can be used on any smartphones, which are used by an estimated half a million Aucklanders.

By synchronising with the Auckland Civil Defence website, the app will also keep Aucklanders posted on incidents such as road closures, floods, slips and severe wind warnings.

“With so many Aucklanders using smartphone devices, it made sense that any new warning system needed to embrace new technology,” said Auckland councillor Michael Goudie, chairman of the Auckland Civil Defence Committee.

Auckland Civil Defence controller Clive Manley said the Christchurch earthquake and Japan tsunami had taught Auckland a lot.

“Radio and television will continue to play a vital role in disseminating public alerts, but now we have added the hugely significant channel of personalised and immediate alerts to all those Aucklanders with smartphones,” he said.

The Auckland Civil Defence app can be downloaded from a variety of sources. By searching for ‘Auckland Civil Defence’, iPhone users can download it from the Apple AppStore, while Android users can download it from the Google Play Android app store.

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Life Saving Mobile App!

We believe that this is the start of a major rush for emergency services including fire brigades, state emergency services and all manner of relief organizations developing life saving mobile apps that  take full advantage of the power of the numerous features that only a Mobile App can provide.

How QR Codes Can be Used in Your Business

QR (Quick Response) codes are 2-D bar codes created by digital dots.  They are all those weird-looking black and white symbols that appear to be showing up just about everywhere these days.

Quick Response codes are created for the smartphone world.  They are intended to be scanned using smartphones with onboard digital cameras.

The only additional thing your consumer requires is a QR reader which will instantly decodes the QR code in order to unlock it’s secret message.

The marketplace already has a large number of QR reader apps, particularly for common mobile phone models.  The majority of these readers are free and are easily obtainable online.

Olympic Apps

The very first EVER App Olympics

The London Olympics is the very first truly interactive games as sports enthusiasts get closer to the action than ever before thanks to a huge selection of mobile phone and tablet applications that were released in the lead-up to the games.

Apple’s app store and Android’s marketplace provide scores of free and paid apps covering anything from event schedules to apps devoted to individual competitors such as sprint superstar Usain Bolt.

The most downloaded Olympic app is anticipated to be the London 2012 Official Final results Application for the Olympic and paralympic Games which is a free app obtainable for Apple, Android, Windows Z and BlackBerry devices.

The app enables fans to look at daily schedules, follow events in progress, look at results of each and every sport, keep track of medal counts as well as athletes’ performance. With many races taking place in the middle of the night for millions around the world the app can set reminders and alarms for approaching events.

More than ever before, mobile phone video will be a hot and popular advantage of the mobile app revolution.