Mobile Shopping Apps

mobile-shopping-appsFinding Mobile Shopping Apps 

There are more than 300,000 apps in Apple’s iTunes Store, more than 130,000 apps available for Android-based smartphones and more than 10,000 apps available for BlackBerry.  Searching for mobile shopping apps has become challenge for consumers due to the high number of apps currently available for multiple mobile platforms.

Mobile Shopping Apps In Action

It’s clear that shoppers are really receptive to finding more and more ways to use the phone to improve their shopping experience and when they have success with these mobile apps, it’s a pretty empowering feeling.

Yesterday, BMC staffer, Cindy Christian got to see some mobile shopping trends in action, up close and personal. Here’s her story:

I was waiting in line at Joann Fabrics, and the woman behind me had her smart phone display ready with a 25% coupon. It was a better deal than my paper coupon so I asked her where she got it. From an app called Snipsnap, she said, and this was her first time using it. We both wondered how the cashier was going to scan her coupon. She didn’t know, but figured it was worth a try. (Reality check – this is a craft store with a traditional check out system – not a high- tech Apple store.)

The line was long, so we continued chatting. She told me that she had some craft ideas in her Pinterest account, and she was excited because she could use her phone to refer to them during her shopping trip. After checkout, she reported with a big smile that the cashier wasn’t able to scan the coupon, but they got her the deal by typing in the numbers from the screen.

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Mobile Shopping Apps

Discover The Best Mobile Apps For Your Business



Your Business Should Have The Best Mobile Apps

Having the best mobile apps help you reach your customers on a whole new level, and in a way that they do not yet suffer from “ad blindness” where they block out commercial communications.

Best Mobile Apps for Your Business

Of the countless apps available, the most successful and widely used apps are the ones that make our lives easier and provide value. The following guest post is by Emily, a specialist in financial blogging and researcher on same day cash loansat Financeport. In this post, Emily highlights the top mobile apps that could improve your business practices.


Today, mobile apps are used across departments in businesses to increase productivity. There are many applications that can help you complete work quickly, and save you time.

The following are a few best mobile apps available to help you be more successful in what you do:

Evernote: This app helps you to save notes, conversations or documents from important meetings. You can save tweets and email accounts, or organize your notes. With Evernote you can:

  • Capture and save photos
  • Record audio and video notes
  • Save your shared files, ideas, bills (thus increasing overall productivity)

Mint: Mint is a great app for organizing your own or your businesses’ finances. With mint you can:

  • Keep track of what you spend
  • Categorize your spending
  • Create charts and graphics

Payday loan: Payday loan is a short-term loan solution that helps you get out of tight financial situations. This quick loan app is most commonly used during unexpected financial emergencies. Payday loan UK easily calculates the loan payment along with interest amounts. Payday Loan:

  • Calculates repayment amount instantly
  • Can be used from anywhere

Expensify: This is used in tracking expenses, purchases and receipts – best mobile apps for business traveler. It also syncs with bank accounts, credit cards and extracts purchase details. With this you can even turn your mobile device into scanner and pull information from receipts. Some highlights of this are:

  • Converts data into PDF file
  • Complete documentation of your spending

Tripit: Tripit is a great app for business travelers and road warriors. It provides an easy way to organize and share your travel plan details. Tripit:

  • Syncs with your calendar
  • Also provides weather forecast details according to your destination
  • Keeps track of your airline reservation

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The Benefit of Having Best Mobile Apps For Your Business

Your own mobile app can help you to reach out to your customers more easily when YOU want to, not just when they come in to your store which is why it’s such a great way to get people back into your store or office.

The Best Mobile Apps For Your Business

Mobile Profits 101

Mobile Apps Consumption


Mobile Apps In The Loop!

The mobile apps are gaining popularity at a very fast rate. Mobile applications are actually those simple software programs we install in our mobile phones to help make our everyday life easy and more interesting when using these devices.

The Mobile Apps Overtake Web Consumption

As tech consumers, where do we spend most of our time – browsing the internet, watching television or playing around in the mobile apps?

The usage of mobile applications has overtaken the web, and is edging its way towards a takedown of television. Flurry Analytics, in TechCrunch, released a study showing consumers spend 127 minutes a day on mobile app:

“Now that usage of mobile apps has overtaken browsing on the desktop web, it’s starting to challenge television, Flurry says. The San Francisco-based mobile analytics startup says that consumers are spending 127 minutes per day in mobile apps, up 35 percent from 94 minutes a day in the same time last year. At the same time, desktop web usage actually declined slightly by 2.4 percent from 72 to 70 minutes.

This means that U.S. consumers are spending nearly two times more time in mobile apps than on the web. And this time spent is now starting to challenge time spent watching TV. Flurry estimates that the average U.S. consumer watches 168 minutes of television per day, based on data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2010 and 2011.

‘We ultimately expect apps on tablets and smartphones to challenge broadcast television as the dominant channel for media consumption,” said Flurry CEO Simon Khalaf.’”

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Mobile Apps Consumption

It is expected that by 2014 there will be more mobile devices in the world altogether than there will be Personal Computers.  People take their smartphones everywhere and use them everywhere, on the go, in the office heck… even in the bathroom!

What Are QR Codes And How Could They Help Your Business?


qrcodefeaturesQR Codes Drive Social and Local Marketing

QR codes have made it quick and easy to bridge the divide between web based information and the offline world by using smartphones and other mobile devices.

Use QR Codes In Store To Increase Online Marketing

The term “QR” is shorthand for Quick Response. So a QR code is technically a “quick response code” and it is a two-dimensional barcode. Somewhat similar to a UPC barcode you might see on a product in a store, it is an image consisting of squares arranged in a pattern on a white background. First used by automaker Toyota in the mid 90’s, QR Codes have since become more widely used across a broad range of industries and even more so with the continuing growth in use of Smart Phones. Many Smart Phone app stores, including the Apple App Store and Android store, offer free QR Code reader apps that a mobile user can download and have on their phone. Then, when a person walks by a store and sees a QR code, they can scan and be taken to the Facebook Page or website of that business.

As holiday shopping moves into high gear, having a QR Code in your store window or at key locations in store can enable a business to further connect with a customer in an ongoing way. Here’s a quick guide on using QR Codes in your business.


Step One: Create a QR Code online using a free tool such as or Simply enter in what you want users to see or go to after they scan the code such as your Facebook Page, your e-commerce website, or a coupon details.

Step Two: Download the image generated and add it to a simple sign created using a tool such as Microsoft Word, a PowerPoint, or Photoshop. Add whatever instructions you want to give users such as “Scan to visit us on Facebook” or “Scan here for a 20% off discount code to use on our website”.

Step Three: Print the document or file and place in strategic locations such as your store front window, next to your register at checkout, or as a flyer to handout to customers as they leave.

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Use QR Codes In Store To Increase Online Marketing

Activate Mobile Marketing QR Codes 101

The Medical Mobile Apps

medicalmobileappsMedical Mobile Apps to Help Surgeons Operate

Healthcare is now in the midst of a mobile trend. Doctors are taking on medical mobile apps which make them more effective and patients are acquiring to ones that provide them more control more than their healthcare.

Medical mobile apps for surgery? You heard correctly.

Believe it or not, web and mobile apps may be the next big thing in medical advancements. Abigail Keeso of BetaKit says there are already apps available to help surgeons operate:

“Web and mobile apps have the potential to be the next big advancement in surgery, with startups developing tools to help doctors practice surgery, communicate with patients, and document their procedures.

In the past, surgeons have turned to pen and paper when sketching out a surgical procedure for a patient. To enhance surgeon-patient communication, Visible Health has created DrawMD, a series of free iPad apps that allow surgeons to more effectively explain surgical processes to their patients. The medical mobile apps offer digital anatomical images, which doctors can sketch, stamp or type on to explain the procedure in a way that the patient will easily understand. Following the appointment, the surgeon can send a copy of the illustration to the patient and keep one for their own records. DrawMD is available for a growing number of medical specialties including urology, cardiology and pediatrics.

When it comes to documenting, SurgiChart is a mobile and web-based charting app that allows surgeons to create a personal library of surgical cases. The platform compiles all information from a surgical case into a secure file. The information in this file includes photos, x-rays, and scans that can be organized in a virtual light board, which is useful for pre-operation planning or sharing cases with colleagues. Following the procedure, the surgeon can easily send the file to the referring physician to enhance continuity of care.

Other startups are more focused on improving the communication between surgeons and patients, and helping families understand the risks associated with surgery. Missouri-based CVOffice has created a series of apps designed to provide information for surgeons and their patients. One group of their apps are risk calculators that the surgeon can use to calculate potential risks for their patients. For example, the app CV Surgery Risk allows the surgeon to estimate the risk of mortality following open-heart surgery. These apps are designed to be used as a tool to guide discussions with patients and their families about potential outcomes of the procedure. CVOffice has also created Surg Journals, an app that aggregates scholarly literature related to general surgery so the surgeon can stay up to speed on the latest research and use evidence to inform their practice.”

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Medical Mobile Apps

The medical mobile apps market has exploded in the last few years. It is expected that by 2014 there will be more mobile devices in the world altogether than there will be Personal Computers.

Medical Mobile Apps

Activate Mobile Marketing

Mobile Apps For Real Estate Agents

Mobile Apps For Real Estate Agent

Mobile Apps For Real Estate Agents

The use of mobile devices is certainly rising at outrageous rates as is the utilization of mobile related technology like mobile apps. There is absolutely no denying that Real Estate businesses can benefit significantly from using mobile apps as part of their marketing strategy.

How Essential Are Mobile Apps For Real Estate Agents

In this video Garry Gnapp is interviewed by Travis Bontrager of BOSS (Business Owners Success Strategies) a site dedicated to helping Real Estate and Construction companies make the most of the internet.

As you may know the world is now mobile and your customers and clients are using their mobile and smart phones to research and make buying decisions. By integrating a mobile app into your real estate business you will see how you are able to have your business in your customers pocket at all times and how Real Estate agents can benefit from the incredible advances in marketing technology provided by a mobile app .

The Questions Travis asks Garry:

  • The conjoining of mobile smartphones and the internet has happened very fast. Do you think Real Estate business owners are keeping up?
  • Is a mobile friendly website enough for A Real Estate Agent?
  • What advantages are there for a Real Estate Agent using a dedicated mobile app?
  • I am reading that QR codes have not really caught on, do you think this is true and if so why?
  • What do you see the in future for mobile marketing as it relates to the Real Estate industry?



Mobile Apps For Real Estate Agents

By providing a virtual tour feature in mobile apps for real estate agents, you will have a better chance of piquing the interest of the prospective buyer. All an interested buyer has to do is download and install your app on their mobile device and then obtain all of the information regarding the property which can even include a video tour of the property.

QR Code Marketing System for Christmas


Mobile QR Code Marketing

QR codes can be termed as “infant” in the wonderful world of business marketing and advertising but they have numerous advantages that can be very useful to any business or organization. Not using QR code marketing in this technology-driven world could cause your organization to fall short of its full potential.

The 12 Days of Christmas – A QR Code Marketing Plan

Welcome to the holiday season!

If you own or work at a retail outlet, this is a very important time of the year for you.

You want to make sure customers know you’re open for business, and you’ll need to grab their attention during the busy holiday season. But, there’s a lot of competition out there and it’s hard to break through all the noise.

What can you do to get customers to pay attention to you this holiday season and visit your store to buy presents? Well, we have a useful idea that uses QR codes.

Using an app on a smart phone, a QR code is scanned by the camera and can take you to a mobile site with a coupon for your store. Using QR codes, we’re going to show you how to run a very specific type of marketing campaign called, “The 12 Days of Christmas – A QR Code Marketing Plan”.

Using pbSmart Codes, our online tool for creating QR code marketing campaigns, we’ll show you how to build QR codes that drive customers to your mobile site and offer coupon during the 12 days leading up to Christmas. We’ll also teach you how to market the QR codes and change the coupon every day

The goal of this campaign is to get people excited about your business and about your deals. It will drive traffic to your store and keep you top of mind during this very busy holiday season.

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QR Code Marketing is important for business

With imagination and creativity, QR codes can open up brand new doorways to success for just about any business or organization. The primary aim of just about any business is being a market leader and beating competitors in attracting consumers. Without the right promotional initiatives such as QR codes, you can easily lose your mobile mad customers and business to your direct competition.

QR Code Marketing

Make your QR code stand out from the crowd.

How you can incorporate QR codes into your business


qrreaderPerfect The Use Of QR Codes In Your Business

QR Codes are being ever more used by organizations, big and small that are looking for ways to make contact with their now mobile consumers.

Because the QR code can include such a wide selection of information, it makes for a very interesting marketing tool that can help excite the interest of prospective customers.

Using QR Codes In Real Estate Marketing

As one of the newest forms of lead generation and advertising, using QR codes in real estate marketing delivers a unique opportunity to increase business, develop viral marketing strategies to spread the word about your services, and put you ahead of the game from the competition when it comes to real estate marketing. As a versatile marketing vehicle catering to both the static and mobile markets, QR codes are compact enough to fit in virtually any marketing situation, yet innovative enough to stand out and get noticed.

What are QR Codes?

Quick Response codes, like bar codes, are made up of black on white impressions in a square shape that form a scannable imprint. When the user scans the QR code with a smart phone, the code takes the user to an assigned URL address, where they can find information about whatever the code is attached to. For instance, waiting for a bus, you could come across an advertisement on the booth that has a QR code. You can download a special QR scanner for most mobile phones. If you have a scanner, you could take a photo or “scan” the code with your phone, and the code would take you to the website corresponding to that product so you can find out more information, sign up for details or even just go to the company’s website.

Why are QR Codes Useful in Real Estate?

Using QR codes in real estate marketing meets the needs of those looking to expand their real estate marketing to the mobile market arena. They take up a small amount of space on printed signs and ads, while delivering lots of information quickly and thoroughly.

QR codes in real estate are generally used to give potential buyers a lot of information about a home instantly and easily. They can drive up to a home they love and, rather than taking a flyer and looking up the listing information at home or setting up an appointment later that day, they can scan the QR code that gives them all the information they need to do everything at that moment.

Another way of using QR codes in real estate marketing is to include one on your business cards, so that anyone you come in contact with can visit your site immediately from anywhere. They can view your listings as well as easily share them with others.

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If you are not making use of QR codes and your competitors are, they will be reaching customers in places you cannot reach; providing them with a considerable advantage over you.

Perfect The Use Of QR Codes In Your Business

Make your QR code stand out from the crowd.

How QR Codes Are Being Used Today


QRCodeManBoxHow QR Codes Can be Used in Your Business

QR codes are gaining huge popularity because of their diverse uses. By using a smartphone camera and the required application, consumers will be led to the desired destination embedded in the code.

Small Company Figures Out QR Codes, and Sells Beer

About a year ago, Kimberly Rogers first read about QR codes or Quick Response Codes on a marketing blog. “I thought, this looks neat,” she said. “We should get one.”

Ms. Rogers, who founded 50 Back Brewing Company in 2010 along with Paige Haley, was attracted by the techie feel of QR codes and thought they might appeal to a younger crowd. She tried a Google search of QR code generator and found a Web site where she plugged in information about her company and was given a free code specific to 50 Back Brewing. Ms. Rogers said she downloaded the code to her desktop, and that was where it stayed for months. “It was like, ‘O.K., I have no idea what to do with this,” she said.

Occasionally, the QR code would come up in marketing meetings, where ideas such as putting it on T-shirts or hats would be kicked around. But nothing ever happened.

The main ways 50 Back promotes its business is by hosting celebrations for active duty soldiers and veterans on military bases. The company uses Facebook and Twitter to reach out to groups that support veterans and military families. “We also attend as many veterans functions as possible and donate product for fundraisers throughout the year to honor our nation’s heroes,” Ms. Haley said. The company was incorporated in Boston on Veterans Day 2009.

For every purchase of 50 Back American Lager, which they have dubbed “The Brew of the Brave,” the owners donate a percentage of the profits to charities committed to supporting veterans and active duty-service members and their families. “We started by wanting to say thank you to our own family members, friends, neighbors and all of those who have served,” Ms. Rogers said.

The idea of using the QR code campaign resurfaced when Ms. Rogers and Ms. Haley decided they wanted to find a way for people to do something for soldiers — even if they weren’t buying a beer for themselves. They brainstormed an idea to create a QR Code campaign that would allow people to buy a beer for a soldier. In March, hoping to generate buzz about the brand and promote its mission of supporting the troops, 50 Back Brewing introduced its Buy a Soldier a Beer program.

The program encourages smartphone users to scan the two-dimensional, black-and-white code that it places on all of their promotional materials — flyers, coasters, packaging, stickers, posters, point-of-sale displays — to reach their landing page. There, visitors are given three options: post a message on the 50 Back Facebook page, post a message on Twitter, or buy a soldier a beer.

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How QR Codes Can Be Use For Your Business

Make your QR code stand out from the crowd.


Multipurpose Use of QR Codes

The reason why QR codes are gaining massive acceptance so quickly is due to the fact that they can be used to do a variety of clever things. A simple scan can lead a customer to a business’s web page or any type of other digital destination. This is all based on the information embedded in the code.

Mobile Devices Perfect Fit for Business

mobileapps_forbusinessThe Advantage of Using Mobile Devices for Business

Mobile Marketing involves reaching clients or customers whenever they’re using the internet away from the traditional home/office desktop setting. The elevated usage of smartphones, tablets and similar mobile devices has developed mobile marketing a must for many online businesses.

Survival Of The Fittest: Demise Of The Desktop. Rise Of The Mobile Devices.

The way we work is changing and technology is the catalyst. Every day our lives become more and more dependent upon mobile devices, both in terms of the ways we socialize and the ways that we work. From the perspective of the latter, the increased mobility offered by such devices means that businesses can now offer employees the freedom to work flexibly.

No longer are we confined to our desks – mobile devices and applications effectively allow us to do our jobs from practically anywhere. Business software is extending beyond the realms of on-premise and into the cloud, and this move is just the next natural progression in the evolution of the world of working.

Don’t just take my word for it. Microsoft recently announced a new version of its flagship Windows operating system, Windows 8, which has been specifically designed to take advantage of the shift to mobile. The software giant has taken a certain degree of risk in doing so, altering iconic user interface features to make Windows 8 compatible with trends that favour moving apps and data to the cloud, rather than storing them locally.

The move might seem like a bold one, but it actually reflects a clear shift in the IT industry to a more mobile, application based framework – a world of “small apps, and big data” – where cloud-based apps will reign supreme, both on mobile and desktop devices. So, say goodbye to installing new software by CD and instead say hello to a situation where applications can be accessed easily and quickly from anywhere, regardless of device.

Gartner analyst Ian Finley recently claimed that enterprises will reach a “crucial tipping point” where there are more web-connected mobile devices in the workplace than there are PCs. He estimates that currently 38 percent of mobile devices are brought into the workplace by employees and called for a major shift to a more mobile app-based framework. This, he surmised, would allow for flexible yet consistent working from a multi-device platform, meeting the demands of the modern, ever-evolving enterprises.

Mobile Devices: The Road To Success

An important factor for the success of this move will be that applications work well across all devices, so, if an individual is updating financial accounts or sending an email they will have the same quality of service and functionality, regardless of the device they are using.

A mobile app based framework also means greater emphasis will be placed on developing software that takes advantage of the capabilities of individual mobile platforms: Windows, iOS, Android etc. Poor attention to detail here will have negative effects on the user experience, and if this trend is to truly take off the customer needs to be kept front of mind throughout.

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Having your own app in mobile devices is a way to separate your business from other businesses that sell the products and/or services that businesses like yours sell.  Don’t wait to jump on the bandwagon.  Set your business up to succeed and pave the way and leave your competitors in the dust.